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Pasta & Pasta was established in 2007 when Chef Ercole Cappai moved on from his restaurant business and took up a new challenge in the thriving London food theatre by setting up a state-of-the-art, purpose-built pastificio. Ercole was born and raised in Italy where he worked in hotels and restaurants for 10 years before he decided to follow his instinct and try something different, something more challenging. In 1982 he left Italy and set sail to reach the UK coastal city of Brighton, where he founded the acclaimed restaurant "The Latin in the Lane" that he successfully run for almost 25 years.
In 2007, he again decided to undertake another venture that he had always aspired to pursue: locally produced, outstanding fresh pasta that carried all the flavour and the traditional methods he refined over the years. In 2011, Pasta & Pasta went into partnership with the Carnevale Group and together they share a vision for growth and expansion into additional markets.

The once traditional customers now also include daring chefs who push the boundaries of creativity into new products and recipes; with attention to the classic methods and the finest of ingredients.

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